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The other day while counselling with a lady attending our DIMEP training, she shared how a leaders conference we had a year before had been a life-changer for her. Her testimony not only encouraged me, but renewed my commitment to help many more. Though I knew God had worked in that meeting I hadn’t realised it was this deep.

There are two lessons I see from this incident. Firstly, how mistaken we can be to think just because we cannot see what is happening that God is not at work. You may be in that place right now where you have put in so much and you are asking yourself ‘Is it worth it?’. Well, let me tell you: If you are doing what God has called you to do in the way you know He wants it, then it is worth it. And be assured of this: He is at work even when you cannot see him.

Secondly, how important it is that we get some feedback. It is important that we share the testimonies of what God has done. Think of the encouragement this can bring. Think of how this can strengthen the hands of those who are committed. This is why we are excited to finally begin this CAPRO SA monthly e-newsletter! We want to use this means to keep you updated with all God is doing among us because of your praying and giving.

We trust that these updates will encourage and challenge you in your walk with the Lord as well as strengthen you in your commitment to partner with us in CAPRO to reach the remaining unreached peoples of Africa and beyond.

We appreciate you!

May all the nations praise Him,


For CAPRO Missions SA