Miracle opens door in Muslim village

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God continues to move in power – doing miracles and saving souls as our team continues to reach out to more Muslim villages.

One such example is the story of Kapita village among the Yao people in Malawiwhere one of our colleagues stopped to ask for water to drink on his way to another village. Like the story of Jesus by the well (John 4), he drank their water and gave them the Living Water. He happened to enter the house of the chief of the village whose daughter was demon possessed. This lady, Magratte, though only in her late 20s, looked like a woman in her 80s. She had lived for many years under 24/7 of demonic torture, so that she could not bear to look at daylight. She couldn’t stop eating, and was visited every night by demons who tormented her by beating her. When Bro. Keyasoni (our team member) prayed a prayer of faith, Magratte was healed, and the entire chief’s family and another 16 people, all Muslims, turned to Christ. Now a Bible class is being held every Thursday in the chief’s compound.