DIMEP impact Churches & Campuses

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Our Discipleship & Missions Exposure Programme (DIMEP) has been doing exceptionally well on campuses and Churches that God has opened doors for us around Pretoria.

We have seen much spiritual growth among some of the young people we are discipling. Many have been helped by DIMEP to cross the ‘valley of decision’ in the Christian walk. Many have re-dedicated their lives to the Lord and broken off the bad relationships they had been involved in, previously.

This is the testimony from a pastor in Sebokeng, where we held a DIMEP recently: “We serve the God of open doors (Rev 3:8). Following yesterday’s seminar, 2 of my junior pastors (2 yrs Bible college graduates) are touched to become part of the mission field workers of CAPRO SA. Today our service was an hour of testimonies from yesterday’s event. What a mighty God we serve I am head over heels with excitement. Please pray for steadfastness.”

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