The Invisible War (Part 1)

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“In my name they will drive out demons” Mark 16: 17 (NIV)


Six years ago, I posted a series of 6 articles on the subject of spiritual warfare. The past four weeks have been some of the most spiritually intense for me. Beginning this week we will be revisiting this important issue. These articles with come with scriptural references for further personal study. Please join me as I study these truths again and please pray that these articles will be used of God once again to equip all of us to walk victoriously in this invisible war. And I’d love your feedbacks too ~ Chim

It is difficult to talk about spiritual warfare without stepping on someone’s toes. This is one of those controversial issues that has left the body of Christ divided into all sorts of camps with all kinds of labels. But no matter to which camp we belong, the truth still remains that we are at war! And our enemy the devil is not moved by our labels. The only thing that he dreads is those who know enough of their authority in Christ to deal with him.

There are those who would have us believe the devil is to be ignored. They say we should only talk of our Lord and all will be well. But Satan will not ignore us just because we ignore him. The truth is that he is working a lot of havoc in many lives and homes today just because he is being ignored. Some of us are overwhelmed right now wondering why God has not acted on our behalf, whereas we should be taking our stand and resisting the enemy. God will not do for us what he has given us authority to do.

Jesus did not ignore the devil. The gospel is filled with his frequent encounters with demons and evil spirits. Jesus cast out devils and so must we who seek to be like him. Do we know how to bind and loose? Do we know about casting down strongholds and every imagination that exalts itself above the knowledge of God? Jesus said, “In my name, they (we) shall cast out demons”.

Paul said, “We are not unaware of his (Satan’s) schemes”, and the devil will outwit us if we remain ignorant. Yet being aware of our enemy is not the same as over-emphasising him. There are those who are more conscious of the devil than they are of Christ; more alert to fallen angels than they are of the mighty host of God’s angels that encamps around all those who fear him. These are people who see demons in everything. I really get upset about this extremism because it takes the eyes of God’s people off the Lord. They get so impressed about all the demon stuff that their chief pursuit is no longer to know Jesus.

Our focus must be on the Lord, but we must not be ignorant of the devil’s devices. Effective spiritual warfare flows out of a right relationship with the Lord. It is as we walk closely with him that he will help us to discern when the enemy is at work so that we can deal with him in Jesus’ name.

Let us pray: O Lord of hosts, I know we have an adversary who hates and opposes your rule, but I also know that the reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work. Thank you Lord, because through Christ’s victory at Calvary, I have overcome him, and now greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world. But Lord, you call me to enforce this victory here and now so please teach my hands to war and my fingers to fight. Teach me to walk in increasing intimacy with you so that I might exercise discernment. Lord, right now I come against the devil in every point where he is at work in my life, my family, or my surroundings (be specific) and I resist him in Jesus’ name!

FOR FURTHER MEDITATION: Ephesians 6:10-18; 2 Corinthians 2:11; 1 Peter 5: 8-9; Luke 10: 17-20