‘No shaking!’

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“Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be shaken but endures forever.” – Psalm 125:1 NIV

‘No shaking!’ is a popular catchphrase in Nigeria and it’s often used to affirm that the person or issue has no need to fear as no matter what happens they will prevail. As I read the words of the psalmist here;

“Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be shaken but endures forever.”

I believe that ‘No shaking’ should be the Christian’s catchphrase because just like Mt. Zion there’s no shaking for him.

When it says here that Mt Zion cannot be shaken it implies that they tried shaking it but didn’t succeed. Mt. Zion has faced all kinds of winds and storm but it cannot be shaken. It has faced all kinds of shakings but cannot be shaken, it just goes on standing forever.

You will never experience the unshakable power of God in you unless the shakings comes. Don’t fear shakings, just know that like Mount Zion you cannot be shaken. Say to yourself as you face life’s storm ‘No shaking!’. It does not mean that the pressures won’t come upon you and sometimes even seem as if it will crush you. It doesn’t mean that the wind won’t push you here and there but it means that you will not be moved from your place. It may not look like it now while the storm lasts, but you will be standing after the wind is gone. You will not be displaced from your place of destiny. Nothing will move you out of God’s love. Nothing can separate you from the purpose of God. You cannot be shaken. ‘No shaking!’.

But the key to all of this is TRUST. It is ‘those who trust in the Lord (that) are like Mount Zion’. It’s those that trust in the Lord that remain unshaken. So don’t bother about looking at the thermometer of the heat around you. Rather watch the trust-o-meter of your heart and set your heart to trust him come what may.

So I’ve given you a new way to describe the Christian life –  ‘No shaking!’.