Durban Mission Centre

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A centre for releasing missionaries to the nations – 6.3 hectares farm with a large farm house, 4 cottages, and a warehouse/workshop.

Dearly beloved,

My trip to Madagascar and the Comoros Islands helped me to see how important our quest to raise labourers is.

That is why I want you to be updated on this property we need. We are excited about the possibility of acquiring this property because of how much it will facilitate and increase this great work of raising and equipping a new generation of missionaries from South Africa especially from among the Black and Indian communities.

Please take the time to view the attached update: look at the pictures of this property, envision with us the possibilities it presents us in serving the unreached and how you can be involved.

I understand perfectly well how the first reaction to Iwhat it is needed to acquire this beautiful property can be ‘how shall these things be?’. But when we remember with Whom we have to do, we can say: ‘Through our God we shall do valiantly, for it is He (not us) Who will tread down our enemies’ (Ps.60:12). A dear friend captured this sentiment so well in a recent mail: ‘It really is a serene and beautiful property – the amount scared me at first but I quickly reminded myself that our God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we can ever ask or dream of.

Wow this property has really pulled on my heart. I won’t be giving heaven any rest on this one.’ And giving heaven no rest on this project is what we need you to do. We believe God wants to give us this property and he wants to use every one of us to make it

We invite you to pray for this provision and also prayerfully consider how God wants you to be involved in this project. We thank you for your partnership. Together we shall acquire this beautiful property for advancing the gospel.

This property will serve as:

1. A Mobilisation Centre for the entire KwaZulu Natal and beyond
2 A training base both for our residential discipleship and missions training and several other types of training to release hundreds of young people into the mission field.3. A base for our outreach among the very poor black townships around here.
4. Our CAPRO SA Media base – a multimedia production unit and a printing press
5.Staff accommodation for our growing team

We need R3.6m ($US 490,000) for the property. Presently have almost R140,000 ($US 20,000) that is about 4% of the needed
sum. It’s quite a sum but I’m imagining that if everyone gives something as God leads maybe $50 (R350 or N7,500), $100 (R700 or N15,000) or more monthly over the next six to ten months towards these needs, the budget can be quickly met.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Above all, let us pray for God is up to something!

That all the nations may praise Him,

Chim & Ibidun Onyebilanma