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DIMEP impact Churches & Campuses

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Our Discipleship & Missions Exposure Programme (DIMEP) has been doing exceptionally well read more


Miracle opens door in Muslim village

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God continues to move in power – doing miracles and saving souls as our team continues to reach out to more Muslim villages.

One such example is the story of Kapita village among the Yao people in Malawiwhere one of our colleagues stopped to ask for water to drink on his way to another village. Like the story of Jesus by the well (John 4), he drank their water and gave them the Living Water. He happened to enter the house of the chief of the village whose daughter was demon possessed. This lady, Magratte, though only in her late 20s, looked like a woman in her 80s. She had lived for many years under 24/7 of demonic torture, so that she could not bear to look at daylight. She couldn’t stop eating, and was visited every night by demons who tormented her by beating her. When Bro. Keyasoni (our team member) prayed a prayer of faith, Magratte was healed, and the entire chief’s family and another 16 people, all Muslims, turned to Christ. Now a Bible class is being held every Thursday in the chief’s compound.


Change of Leadership

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The two pioneer leaders of our ministry recently handed over leadership. read more


Valley of a 1,000 Outreach changing young lives

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The educational outreach we launched in the Zulu homeland of the Valley of a 1,000 Hills has been bearing very encouraging fruits.

The Valley Education Thrust (VET) is an initiative to provide supplementary educational input for students in high schools in the Valley, so as to afford them a better chance in their matric exam.

Our three volunteer teachers are graduates from various places and have been used by God to impact many lives both within and outside the classrooms. Providing several hours of supplementary classes as well as helping with the regular classes, we have seen a marked improvement in the student’s performance in Maths and English.

Apart from their academics, we have been encouraged to see God transform some of these young lives. Several have given their lives to Christ and, at times, in very dramatic circumstances. One day during the course of school two girls possessed by demons began to manifest in class. As expected, this caused a commotion. Our volunteers intervened and rebuked the demons. One of the girls was delivered from the demonic possession and got saved. The other was not ready to give her life to Christ.

Not only is VET impacting the high school students, it is also helping to disciple and equip the volunteers in their walk with, and service for, God. Our desire is that some of these volunteers will eventually become missionaries. According to Ayanda Tyumdu, one of our VET volunteers, ‘God is truly at work here’


Welcome to the CAPRO SA e-newsletter

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The other day while counselling with a lady attending our DIMEP training, she shared how a leaders conference we had a year before had been a life-changer for her. Her testimony not only encouraged me, but renewed my commitment to help many more. Though I knew God had worked in that meeting I hadn’t realised it was this deep.

There are two lessons I see from this incident. Firstly, how mistaken we can be to think just because we cannot see what is happening that God is not at work. You may be in that place right now where you have put in so much and you are asking yourself ‘Is it worth it?’. Well, let me tell you: If you are doing what God has called you to do in the way you know He wants it, then it is worth it. And be assured of this: He is at work even when you cannot see him.

Secondly, how important it is that we get some feedback. It is important that we share the testimonies of what God has done. Think of the encouragement this can bring. Think of how this can strengthen the hands of those who are committed. This is why we are excited to finally begin this CAPRO SA monthly e-newsletter! We want to use this means to keep you updated with all God is doing among us because of your praying and giving.

We trust that these updates will encourage and challenge you in your walk with the Lord as well as strengthen you in your commitment to partner with us in CAPRO to reach the remaining unreached peoples of Africa and beyond.

We appreciate you!

May all the nations praise Him,


For CAPRO Missions SA



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CAPRO is a faith mission. Both the ministry and its missionaries depend on God’s provision through the giving of his people.

None of its missionaries are salaried. All gifts are used as designated. To give to CAPRO use bank details below.

Banking details:

Account number: 62125598237
FNB, Menlyn Park, Pretoria



Experiencing God in prison

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‘I, Paul, [am] the prisoner of Christ Jesus …’ – Ephesians 3:1 (NIV)

There are some prisons we get into that are the design of the enemy, and when we find ourselves there we ought to break the devil’s bars and we shall be free. But there are other prisons that the Lord himself allows us to go into. There are times when God allows circumstances and situations our way that would seem to imprison us. We pray, bind and loose but we can’t get out. The truth is that we cannot bind God.

The Apostle Paul was quite a man. He was locked up in prison by the decrees of the Roman government yet he said he was ‘the prisoner of Christ Jesus’. Imagine this zealous crusader unable to go to all the places that burned in his heart to go and preach. Yet it was in understanding how to experience God in prison that he turned this prison season into one of the most fruit seasons of his ministry. You see, most of his epistles were written in prison.

There are two things we must do when we feel imprisoned. Find out if it’s God’s place for you in this season. Ask God. If you are where you should be then don’t try to run away even if you can (sometimes we can). It might be that you find yourself under a leadership that seems not to give you enough space to strive. If God shows you that you are in his place for you in this season then please stay in that prison. Secondly, when you find yourself in prison, instead of grumbling and complaining, open yourself up to God’s grace.

Take the example of Joseph. He was put into prison because of the lie of Potiphar’s immoral wife, but it was part of God’s plan for him. It was the road to the throne that God had prepared for him. We must not try to fight God when he allows circumstances and situations to land us in prison. Instead let us learn to experience God even in prison.

The bible says, ‘the Lord was with him (Joseph in prison), he showed him kindness and granted him favor in the eyes of the prison warden.” (Gen 39:21 – NIV). In spite of the walls and chains of the prison Joseph continued to experience God.

The bible says, “the Lord was with him”. The truth is that even in prison God does not abandon us. God wants us to continue to experience his presence in our lives even in the wilderness seasons. He wants us to keep drinking of him and growing. A dear sister wrote me recently about the marital troubles she was facing. Her backslidden husband is now with another woman.  Then she added, ‘Nevertheless, God’s joy is still in my heart. I know he has a plan for me and for my family’.

There can be joy in spite of the prison as we begin to experience God’s presence. No matter what you face please determine to make “the Lord is with him” a reality in your life.

Joseph experienced the kindness of God in prison. Though God didn’t bring him out of prison immediately, he gave him a testimony of his kindness in that prison by doing a lot of things for him and touching lives through him. God wants you to experience his miracle working power in your prison. Often we are so focused on getting out of the prison that we are not open to God’s leading in any other area. But we need to remember that though we are in prison God is not in prison.

A bishop friend of mine was married for 14 years without any child though he desired, sought and prayed for it. But he was focused on God and on being all God wanted him to be. Because of that he and his wife were experiencing God’s kindness in many other areas of life, so much so that they were praying for barren couples who in turn were having children. They did not allow their prison to limit their usefulness. They adopted several children and some are pastors today. Their ministry grew so much that it became international. After 14 years God brought them out of that prison and gave them a baby boy of their own when the woman was very close to 50 years of age!

A time comes when God will bring us out of the prison, but in the meantime God wants us to experience his kindness in the prison in which he allows us to be. It will take trusting in his goodness enough to choose joy instead of grumbling and complaining; it will take choosing to feed on him daily staying focused on growing into his likeness. It will also take not allowing our outward prison to imprison our minds and so limit God and all that he wants to do through us while in prison.


What is Your Net?

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“You have made men like fish in the sea, like sea creatures that have no ruler. The wicked foe pulls all of them up with hooks,  he catches them in his net, he gathers them up in his dragnet;  and so he rejoices and is glad” ~ Habakkuk 1:14-15 (NIV).

In the above verses the prophet gives us an apt commentary on mankind – men  are like fish in the sea. Not only are they numerous but they are ‘like sea creatures that have no ruler’, and so will readily follow whoever is able to catch them with their hooks or nets.

In our world today, many are able to amass a large following for themselves by the effective use of their ‘nets’. Think of the millions of followers that a confused woman like Lady Gaga has. There is something she has that draws (or attracts) people to her.  That is what I am referring to as her net, and it is by casting this her net into the sea of men that she has dragged along such a big following. Men use their nets for good and for bad. For example, it was the same net of passionate oratory that Adolf Hitler used to drag millions of followers to destruction; and that another man called Billy Graham used to drag millions to life in Christ.

What I am seeking to point out to you is simple. First, look around your world and realise this – men are like fish in the sea, without leadership and so they are vulnerable to anyone that can hook them and drag them with him. Secondly, realise that you have been given a net. This is why the Lord calls us ‘fishers of men’. He uses the term ‘fisher of men’ because he knows men are like fish and because he has given each of us a net.

So what is the net you have been given by God? What is the thing that you have that draws others to you? You see, in the economy of God, people must first be drawn to us before we can draw them to Him. The first step of winning men for Christ is to draw them to yourself.

Our problem is that we often look down on the net God has given us, because we compare it with the ‘bigger and better’ nets that others seem to have. Yet some of the most powerful nets are the simple ones, like the net of hospitality for instance.

Don’t let the size or form of your net distract you from casting it into the sea of men, because no matter how large the nets of others may be, there is enough space for everyone in the sea. In fact there are some types of fish that only a net like yours can catch. I remember visiting the fishing port in Lome, Togo, with my family several years ago, and seeing that though there were so many fishermen, there was space for every fisherman who was willing to use his net. There were even some using hooks and they too were catching fish.

So I ask you again what is your net? I want you to identify it. What is that thing God has given you that draws people to you? Is it your ability to sing or  write, or is it your natural beauty? Is it your cheerfulness, seriousness or your brilliant mind? Or is it your business acumen? Identify it and begin to use it for God.

One thing the enemy often does, is to attack us in the area of our ‘net’. That is why people whose greatest gift is, for example, their infectious zeal, will find themselves struggling with repeated attacks of gloominess and discouragement. The enemy wants to make holes in your ‘net’. Perhaps it is time to mend the holes so that your catch may be great.

Finally, as we seek to use our nets, let’s be wary of the error of men as we see in that scripture;

‘Therefore he sacrifices to his net  and burns incense to his dragnet, for by his net he lives in luxury  and enjoys the choicest food’ ~ Habakkuk 1:16 (NIV)

Our nets can become our idols if we are not careful. We know how it works – some worship their beauty, while others their business acumen. When men see what their net can do they tend to worship it – to elevate it to a place in their heart that it shouldn’t have. Rather than worshipping our nets let us consecrate them to God.

So I am asking you to do three things – identify the net (or nets) God has given you. Consecrate them to God for his glory and service. Then go out and cast them into the sea of men around you. Go ahead and use your nets to drag men to Christ.


A New Thing

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“See, I am doing a new thing!” – Isaiah 43:19a (NIV)

“God is doing a new thing!” is a very popular refrain among Charismatic believers. We are always looking for a new move of God. And indeed our God loves to make all things new. I believe that even now he is saying to those who have ears to hear;

‘See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland’ – Isaiah 43:19 (NIV).

But there is a mistake we often make. When God says ‘See, I am doing a new thing’ our first reaction usually is to look for our circumstances to begin to change. And indeed they would – eventually. But I want you to understand that whenever God talks of doing a new thing for a person (or people), the first place he starts is inside that person. God always works from the inside out. To change our circumstances, he needs to change us. In some cases once we have changed, we are positioned to become his partners in changing our circumstances. And in other cases, once a new thing happens to us, it no longer matters if our circumstances don’t change, because we now engage them with new eyes.

Consider Gideon in Judges 6. A man who had longed for ‘new things’ for his ravaged country, Israel. Yet when the angel of the Lord appeared to him to announce that God was going to do a new thing, the first place God begins is not in changing the nation, but rather in changing Gideon.

God had to deal with Gideon’s fear of his family, as well as with the idolatry in his family, before he could work through this man in dealing with the disorder in Israel. God works from the inside out.

Today I believe God is speaking over many of you reading this, the words in
Isaiah 43:17-19 (NIV);

“Forget the former things;
do not dwell on the past.
See, I am doing a new thing!
Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the desert
and streams in the wasteland”

God wants to do a new thing around you but he will start by doing a new thing in you. Yield yourself to him and don’t hold back any part. Don’t dwell on your past or on your circumstances. But rather pay attention to the things he is pointing out in your life. And respond to him.


Slaying Giants with Sling-stones

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‘Then the LORD said to him, “What is that in your hand?” “A staff,” he replied.’ ~ Exodus 4:2

If the vision you believe God has given you is something within your ability to accomplish, then I doubt that it is from God. God always delights in giving us vision way beyond our ability. Whether it was Moses and the task of leading Israel out of Egypt to the Promised Land, or David and the task of slaying Goliath, God  often seems to  call us to do things that are far beyond us.

In the face of the big vision God has given us, we may find ourselves feeling like Solomon felt when he was called to fill the oversized shoes of his father, the great king David. Solomon said ‘But I am only a little child and do not know how to carry out my duties’ (1 Kings 3:7)

Often our sense of inadequacy stems from the fact that what we seem to have at our disposal does not look anything like what it would take to do what we are called to do. This is why the word God gave to the children of Israel in Zechariah 9:15, is so encouraging;

‘…and the LORD Almighty will shield them. They will destroy and overcome with sling-stones. They will drink and roar as with wine; they will be full like a bowl used for sprinkling the corners of the altar’

God was speaking of the mighty things he was going to do through his people. He was going to use them to conquer and destroy all the mighty nations that had oppressed them in the past and he was going to restore their land to them. But did you notice what weapons God said they were going to use to accomplish this great feat? ‘They will destroy and overcome with sling-stones’. Sling-stones are not serious weapons one uses for defeating armies that have chariots and horses. But sling-stones were all that the people had with them, and God said that was what he was going to use!

Now let this exciting truth dawn upon your spirit. Not only does God delight to give us seemingly impossible tasks, he also delights to use the seemingly foolish and little things that we have in our hand to accomplish them! We see this truth all over the Scriptures, whether it is the rod of Moses or the sling of David. God delights to use insignificant instruments to do significant things.

I want to encourage you not to despise the little strength that you have. But rather to identify the ‘sling-stones’ that are yours and do what Solomon did with his. Faced with the huge task of replacing his father, Solomon knew he didn’t have the fearsome courage, physical strength, military prowess, or any of the other great attributes that David had. But he did not focus on what he didn’t have. He identified what he had and asked God to use it. You see, before Solomon asked God for ‘a discerning heart to govern the people’ (1 Kings 3:9), he had already been showing signs of wisdom.  In 1 Kings 2:9 David had said of him ‘You are a man of wisdom’. Wisdom was his own sling-stone. So when Solomon asked God for a discerning heart that can lead the people, he was not so much asking for a new gift as much as for a divine touch on the little sling-stone that he had.

So what is the vision or task that God has given you? I challenge you to identify the sling-stones you already have and submit them to God to anoint and use. And then go out in faith and begin to use those sling-stones; for it is through those sling-stones that God will give you the land.